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Untitled – Fashion Dress – #cloth #mode #without #titles

Dirndl etiquette: This is how you wear traditional costume

Gabriele Hammerschick is the grande dame of traditional costumes at Lodenfrey. The Munich native has headed the department for women's costumes in the traditional house on Maffeistraße for several decades. After she actually wanted to study sport, but had to wait for a place to study, she started an apprenticeship with Lodenfrey in the traditional costume department and soon became the youngest department manager in the house. "If I want to do something, then traditional costumes", Hammerschick was clear from the beginning. "Sport - well and good - I can still do it anyway."

With Vogue, Gabriele Hammerschick shared her extensive knowledge - and her passion - on the subject of traditional costumes. Learn in this dirndl etiquette how to wear the dirndl correctly, how the dirndl should be combined and what the no-gos are when it comes to costume.

How does a dirndl fit properly?

The most important thing about a dirndl - even a cheap one - is the fit. The dirndl bodice should be very close to the body. Gabriele Hammerschick recommends buying the dirndl in a stationary specialty shop and not online. This is the only way to guarantee that the dirndl fits perfectly. Let the specialist advise you - with a high degree of certainty you will wear the dirndl more tightly than you previously thought and when you would have chosen it yourself. The apron should be two inches shorter than the dress, and the apron strap should be tied on the right side.

How long should a dirndl be?

At least around the knee and not shorter. Whether knee length, midi or maxi is up to the wearer.

What material should a dirndl be made of?

Almost anything can be used on fabrics, even Chanel fabrics . The main thing is that it is not "too much". There is virtually no wrong substance. Traditional fabrics for the dirndl are cotton for the so-called wash dirndl, linen , silk for the apron and in the last seasons also velvet for the bodice, but this is just starting to decrease. When it comes to patterns, you should also be careful not to get too much. You can mix different patterns, but discreetly, not too wild and not too dominant.

What color should a dirndl be?

Classic dirndl colors are red, blue and green. For a few years now there have also been many dirndls in taupe or gray, which also looks very nice. According to Hammerschick, bright colors such as pink or light green are allowed, but you should note that these colors do not last that long. A dirndl can be worn for a long time and even inherited, which makes it a very sustainable garment. Each dirndl can be made one size larger or smaller and combined to different blouses, so the costume expert advises on classic colors.

What shoes do you wear with a dirndl?

Haferl shoes don't work anymore, says Gabriele Hammerschick, but a lot is allowed. Here the fashionable can be combined with the traditional - theoretically, even Birkenstocks go well with a cotton dirndl . The expert recommends never pulling the same style from top to bottom. There should be a tension in the traditional look - everything that is too traditional and too quiet quickly becomes too boring. Ballerinas are classics, but pumps or sandals can also be combined to make a dirndl. Anything you like is allowed. Hammerschick advises caution with sneakers : Please no chucks for dirndls - if at all, then a plain white sneaker .

Which blouse do you wear with a dirndl?

There is no way around the white cotton blouse. There are also colored blouses , for example in black or bordeaux, but these require a special dirndl type, which includes this type of blouse, says Gabriele Hammerschick. In general, you are always on the right side with the white cotton blouse, whether with a lace, border, ribbons or frills. At the moment you wear the dirndl blouse rather high-necked, the time of the off-shoulder Carmen blouse is over. What many do not know: There are no limits to the length of the dirndl blouse, even long-sleeved blouses are accepted.

How do you wear the bow on a dirndl?

Make sure the bow is tied nicely: don't tie it too big, but create a nice, tuffy bow with long ribbons.

What style breaks are allowed in dirndl styling?

In any case, the traditional can be mixed with the modern, for example fashionable accessories for dirndls. You can combine any bag to make a costume, but always think about convenience. Such a Oktoberfest day is long and hectic - there is nothing wrong with a small bag to hang around.

Which hairstyle and which make-up are suitable for the costume?

or a dirndl it can be a fresh "Heidi make-up". Accentuated cheeks and shiny lips - also in red. Also with a nice braided hairstyle or a hat. Curls tend to look softer to a dirndl than straight hair. An updo is also always suitable and brings out the cutout nicely.

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